We're Writing A Book

By Jaime Morados - Philippines | 2018 - 13 Minutes

Synopsis: Adam, a young writer, seeks answers to his question in order to write his book. The book is meant to be a guide to life for people like him, searching for meaning and happiness. But more than just interviewing the people, he would try the specific activities suggested by the people and he would see if it indeed makes him happy.

Cast: Jaime Morados, Valeria Ferrer, Trina Crisostomo, Zieke Lagran.

Technical Information:

Director and Writer:  Jaime Morados
Art Directors:    Erin Medina and Samantha Co
Producers:  Jaime Morados, Erin Medina, and Samantha Co
Poster Designer:  Fumi Paderes
Editor:  Jaime Morados
Director of Photography:   Jaime Morados
Executive Producer:  Jaime Morados and Erin Medina
Composer:   Kapengmukha
Production:  Kapengmukha

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Awards & Recognitions:

3rd Anyang International Youth Film Festival

- Official Selection

30th Gawad CCP Para sa Alternatibong Pelikula at Video Official Selection


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