Short Films

Wag Kang Titingin by Pamela Miras (2010)

A father and his two young daughters travel through a war-torn area. The father explains to his eldest why they need to shield the youngest from what's really happening around them. The eldest finally understands and vows to protect her sister. But how far will she go to keep her promise?

8 minutes - Fiction

Wag mo Kong Kausapin by Josef Gacutan

Wala kaming pakialam sa demokrasya... by John Torres (2010)

A couple wakes up and talks about a dream.

12 minutes

Wala Sa Gubat Ang Mga Hayop by James Mayo (2014)

In an isolated area in Manila, a sidewalk vendor witnessed a tragic crime that becomes her nightmare and cry for justice for being the accidental victim.

11 minutes - Fiction

Walang alaala ang mga paru-paro by Lav Diaz (2009)

A young woman returns from Canada to the town in Philippines where she grew up, when a gold mine provided good income to the population, but with the mine company gone all she finds is poverty among her friends: an unwed mother, her brother, an ex-miner and the former chief of security, who plans to kidnap her for ransom.

40 minutes 

Walang Katapusang Kwarto by Emerson Reyes (2011)

A post-coitus dialogue of a young couple. The whole story happens inside a room where the characters hide and are free to say and do whatever they want-with only the four walls as witnesses. This is a story about love. Maybe not.

19 minutes - Fiction

Walang Paalam by Rian S.C. Magtaan

Walang Wi-Fi Sa Dagat by Paul Arrenze Dionela (2016)

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