Short Films

Very Specific Things at Night by John Torres (2009)

VERY SPECIFIC THINGS AT NIGHT is a mobile phone film shot in Mahiyain Street (Shy Street), Sikatuna, a stone's throw away from the house of Chavit Singson, who also led the masses to bring then President Estrada out of the presidential palace.

5 minutes

Very Strange Day, With Bicycle by Khavn (2011)

Victim 21 by Khavn (2005)

Victor by Jarell Serencio (2012)

Life is a big show. For ten long years, Victor, a native in San Pedro Cutud,San Fernando, Pampanga, religiously offers himself to be nailed on the cross every Holy Week. Likeother people, this has been his long time “panata” for he believes that God will forgive him for all hissins and grant all his petitions after crucifying himself on the cross. But this film will show you theglaring realities of faith and beliefs and how Filipinos and foreigners embrace the tradition of “SemanaSanta” (holy week) as an attraction to this town. This film will leave you with questions on your own faith as well as Victor’s belief. Is he doing a divine sacrifice? Or it’s just part of his life’s big show?

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