Short Films

Ugat sa Lupa by Ariel Reyes (2009)

Ugat sa Lupa (Roots on Earth) is a non-dialog film about a farming family who lives in an island. It dramatizes the family’s hardships of living in an island bereft of fresh water, hence their struggle to fetch water from another island in order to water the plants periodically. It is also about family relationships and the sacrifices of elder siblings for the benefit of the younger ones.

Ugkat by Alyssa Mariel Suico (2014)

Ugkat is about unearthing our identity that we've buried in the efforts to level ourselves with cultures that are not our own. In the efforts to move forward, we've been mislead into situations causing us to be pitted against one another, and ultimately we end up losing our land, our way of life, and our identity.

Ugma Puhon by Glorypearl Dy (2017)

Ryan, a conspicuously awkward person, visits an apartment graveyard situated near a community of informal settlers. These graveyards are where families rent out until they can finance a permanent space for their departed. When Ryan meets a local, Steph, he tries to bind a special friendship. But where Ryan finds comfort, permanence becomes as transient as souls of the living and the dead.

15 minutes - Fiction

Ugsad by Kenneth Borlan

Ulan by Lito Casaje

Ulian by Chuck Gutierrez (2012)

Ulian centers on young Dayang and her Grandmother in their journey of self-discoveries in unexpected circumstances. Together they explore each other's consciousness to realize the most important thing about growing old and growing up.

15 minutes - Fiction

Umuuga Ang Ngipin Ni Clarissa by Ibarra Guballa (2014)

Umaga ang ngipin ni Clarissa nang lapitan siya ng isang misteryosong mama.

Un by Inshallah Montero (2012)

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