Short Films

Sa Ating Katahimikan by Alyssa Suico (2017)

We are most ourselves in the stillest of the night, in our silence. When we are most vulnerable, we are most beautiful. But in this society, no space is sacred anymore. The testimony of Martial Law victim Hilda Narciso, a school teacher during the Marcos dictatorship opens us to see how these moments of solitude can transform into moments trauma. Her words are taken from the heated Supreme Court oral arguments for the burial of the former President Marcos last August 31, 2016.

Sa bisperas by Mike de Leon (1972)

Sa 'di Kalayuan by Mariah Santuico (2014)

This is a story about two people's friendship which started as one straight road, but eventually ended up splitting into separate ways.

Sa 'di Pagparam by Ezra Borlagdatan (2015)

An old man recounts a tale of his childhood during World War II.

Sa Huna Huna ni Lola Ising by Cyrus Balasabas


Sa Katapusang Palito

Sa Laing Kalibutan, Adunay Kita Karong Gabhiona by Ronnie Gamboa Jr.

One of the many possibilities when we create a world made of joy, pain, unresolved feelings, memorable moments, and a few buckets of beer.

Sa Loob at Labas by Bernice Dy (2015)

Ari is an adolescent girl, trapped within the walls of her own house. Living with her irritable and controllable single mother and her maid, Ate Nads, she tries to seek what the outside world is like through her daily tutor, Patricia. Slowly trying to understand the situation she's in, escaping seemed to be the solution; but Ari realizes that it isn't exactly what she was.

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