Short Films

Rage in Forty Frames by Roberto Reyes Ang (2010)

A collection of forty digitally-manipulated images that interpret the rage stemming out of the alleged malpractices of the police in Queens, New York.

5 minutes

Raymond by Mark V. Reyes (2011)

A terminally ill gay man comes home to seek forgiveness from the lover he abandoned. But redemption comes from an unlikely source.

17 minutes

Red Saga by Kiri Dalena (2004)

Children of the land faithfully guards the last harvest from thieves. This poetic film offers a glimpse into the passion and pain of the people's protracted war in the Philippine countrysides--the red saga.

15 minutes


Redempsyon by Edmund Telmo (2017)

In the heat of an argument with her partner, a religious woman recalls her past that leads her to doubt her faith and challenges their relationship.

14 minutes - Fiction

Redlights by Christian Lat (2016)

Jimmy in his 40's a retired military on a vacation trip meets an overfriendly taxi driver that shows him around but eventually sets him up to a trap with the Local Police Officer being accused of child prostitution.

12 minutes

Rekuwerdo by Tops Brugada (2018)

A 73-year-old woman is physically and emotionally exhausted from caring for her ailing husband who is already in the last stage of his Alzheimer's Disease. He lives in a constant state of confusion and anxiety, occasionally haunted by visions of both faceless and familiar strangers. The wife's frustration and loneliness grows daily as she comes to terms with both her husband's deteriorating state and her own mortality.

17 minutes - Fiction

Repairs by Joxx Espiritu (2015)

Richard and Amy are a middle-aged couple whose rocky relationship manifests itself in the state of their decrepit house. Relationship problems surface and reach a tipping point, but when an unexpected development arises, their actions towards each other and their house determine the fate of their relationship.

12 minutes - Fiction

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