Short Films

One stormy night, a boy looks for his disappointed mother who disappeared in their house during a blackout.
11 minutes - Fiction

Maalinsangan ang gabi by Cesar Hernando (1993)

In Cesar Hernando’s noirish short, the uprising and UFOs are merged in a strange commentary on government control.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas by Bor Ocampo (2013)

A promise of love broken by the promise of a good life.

Macho Gwapito by Miguel Hernandez (2015)

Throughout his storied career as a barber, Mang Raul has groomed some of the most powerful men in the country. Being a former local politician himself, he is no stranger to the wild and wooly world of Philippine politics. Deftly mixing political wit with salesmanship and skillful hair cutting, Mang Raul excels in a field where so many others have failed to make the cut.

Madonna by E.Autida, I.D.Bugayong and B.A.Taclindo

Based on the true story: Michael, a PWD (Person With Disability), is losing hope. For him, life is already a mess. Dreams are not meant for him. But, while he is rolling his wheelchair, he will encounter people who will change his view on life. He will eventually learn how to do the complicated dance to the wheel of life.

12 minutes

Mahal by Janine Patricia Santos (2017)

(Mahal, 2017) is an auto-ethnographic experimental documentary composed of shot and donated footages about a millennial ilustrado and her life as a scholar from the ‘Third World’ being confronted with ‘First World’ experiences. It tackles issues of identity, displacement, the spectre of comparison, 2nd class citizenship, nationality and the privileged position of belonging in the academe, all disguised in the everyday struggles of sustaining a long distance relationship. Seen from the point of view of the one who writes to a lover left behind, (Mahal, 2017) serves as a reference to the daily battles of a scholar who is burdened with the choice of reconciling the need to find solutions to the social problems of her country and the desire to live a reactionary life with the person she loves.

17 minutes - Fiction

Maikling Kwento by Hubert Tibi (2007)

Maikling Kwento depicts the friendship of eight-year-old Joey and an older Chinese boy named Wilbert. The two dream of a better life and find solace in watching planes pass from the nearby airport across the empty lot in their neighborhood. Joey eagerly wants to make it better for him and his family, and he is driven to several conclusions about his life.

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