Short Films

Labada by Raz dela Torre (2006)

Mylene works as Dr. de Jesus's part-time helper. Everyday except on weekends, Mylene goes to Dr. de Jesus's house to clean his home, cook his dinner and wash his clothes. She is married to Edong, who works as a tricycle driver and with whom she has two children. While at work, Mylene leaves her children with Susie, her best friend and next-door neighbor. Everything in Mylene's modest life is perfect. She has a lenient boss, doting kids... a comfortable life. That is until Mylene's devoted husband asks her permission to work late nights. Suddenly, Edong starts acting like he's nurturing a double life. Circumstances, information and clues start piling up, threatening Mylene's perfect little life. Could her husband be having an affair?

Lagkaw by Jaylou Dari

Lakad Lang by Bryan Pastor (2017)

 The life of Angelito as a person with disability and how he easily cope up with the discriminations.

10 minutes - Fiction

Lakad ni Sammy by Joel Ruiz (2009)

A boy spends a day with his rascal father. Along with “Ang Ibang Mga Pamilya”, a diptych of short films adapted from the Butch Dalisay short story “Some Families, Very Large”.

18 minutes

Lako by Mylene Tienzo (2017)

Due to poverty, Rhoda must sell Banana Cue and some goods that rather be sold discreetly.

10 minutes - Fiction

Lamat by Marco Pitlo

Langi by Francis Dumalig (2017)

"The present made me feel miserable, I looked back in the past, and experienced peacefulness but when I turned back, I'm in deep sorrow." This story is all about a girl who Experience the issues of present. Where death, addiction, pollution, and depression and all we did ruined the world. The girl went back to past and saw a big difference in present. She became happy but this happiness vanished after she looked back again in the present.

10 minutes - Fiction

Language of Friendship by Khene Rae Paranga (2015)

1 / 9

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