Short Films

Jamir by Genory Vanz Alfasain

Jeremiah Magno by Allan C. Balberona

Jodilerks, has been quietly and diligently working as a gas station attendant  for a very long time.  Tonight is her final shift and she has decided to sign off in, quite frankly, outrageous fashion.

13 minutes | * Full Profile *

Josephine by Akie Yano (2014)

A Filipina mail-order bride in Japan longs for the lover and daughter she left in the Philippines.

12 minutes - Fiction

Josie by Bagane Fiola

Juan Gulay by Roxlee (2000)

A man searches for his destiny while crawling on the streets of the metropolis at the height of EDSA Revolution.

7 minutes

Juan Tamad Goes to the moon (1898) by Khavn (2019)

Juana is a beautiful maiden living peacefully in her island. While dancing in the middle of the sea, she sees how vast the waters are, and suddenly realizes that she is alone. To satisfy her longing, she does an animistic ritual and prays for a companion. A man arrives.

18 minutes - Fiction

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