Short Films

Silence in the red light district of Manila.

15 minutes - *Full Profile*

I Am Patience by Razcel Jan Salvarita (2014)

A soulful encounter between a small creature, a snail named Patience, and a man with a strange device.

I See Everything by Michael Jianoran (2011)

A short film about a girl who sees them.

6 minutes - Fiction


Ibang Eva by Arnie Valdez (2017)

True love fades with just one heavy sin. A sin you see in your every day.

6 minutes - Fiction

If You Leave by Dodo Dayao (2016)

A pair of freelance ghostbusters are hired to surveil an allegedly haunted house. Nothing seems to be happening. But sometimes not recognizing the patterns of strangeness doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

20 minutes - Fiction

Igsuon by Christian Lat (2016)

In the slums of the Philippines a young teen,  working as a drug runner must re-evaluate his role as an older brother when his brother follows him and sees him with a local drug dealer.

10 minutes

Ika-3 Putahe by Joeromer Bacus (2014)

Even in his sleep, Emilio is haunted by scenes in which grave things happen to his fiance, Helena. He fights these thoughts by truly loving her and embracing the reality that nothing dictates what is to happen. Helena vanishes one day, and all imaginations Emilio fears most come alive. He looks for her alongside a long-lost friend, William, and hopes that he doesn’t lose the only thing he has, even himself.

1 / 7

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