Short Films

Hai, they recycle heartbreaks in Tokyo so nothing's wasted by John Torres (2009)

Hakbang by Dean Airo Dancel

Halaga by Kristine Anne Escamillas (2017)

This documentary focuses on two dogs whose roles with their respective owners’ lives transcend being “man’s best friends”

15 minutes - Documentary

Halal by Dahren Tagtag (2017)

A diverse community of Muslims living in the Catholic-rich city of Cebu, Philippines, cope with maintaining their Halal food practices in a place where pork is the main delicacy.

11 minutes - Fiction

Halika, pasok ka by Bing F. Nellasca (2012)

Halusinasyon by John Agcalls (2018)

This is a story of a two people Tisoy and Kulot who are hooked up in using illegal drugs until one session causes frightening hallucination.

6 minutes - Fiction

Hanapbuhay by Henry Frejas (2010)

A day in the life of a man who’s trying to make a living for his family as he is confronted by the ironies of the realities of life. And death.

Hanggang Dito Na Lang by Pat Nabong (2014)

Carlos and Jean decide whether or not to terminate their son's life support and, in the process, examine the decisions that they made.

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