Short Films

Gabi ng Kababalaghan by Stephen Lopez (2018)

Gabon by Emmanuel dela Cruz (2007)

Gabon, taken from an old Maranao folk-lullaby which means "cloud", tells the story of how far a young Maranao girl takes to heart the promise to her parents that she will finish a school exam. Shot in one day in Marawi, Lanao del Sur, just before the Ramadan, Gabon features an ensemble cast of 2-4 students from MSU Integrated Laboratory School and the alumni of Sining Kambayoka.

Gapos by JMK De Guzman (2013)

Garbage Bag by Bagane Fiola

Gasat by Leo Maximo Jr. (2017)

Bothered by a ghost in the past, Lucas has to revisit that bitter past to gain peace.

10 minutes - Fiction

Gatilyo Ng Baril by Eero Yves Francisco and Glenmark C. Doromal (2015)

Year 1983: Ms. Estrella investigates the case of Carlito Dimahilig, the assassin who attempted to kill Imelda Marcos.

9 minutes - Fiction

Gayuma ni Maria by Gabriel Villalon (2013)

A young man finds the woman of his dreams in a mysterious field, only to realize that he was under the influence the isaw vendor's love potion.

Gee-gee at Waterina by Mariami Tanangco and J. Dennis Teodosio (2006)

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