Short Films

EJK by Bor Ocampo

El Amor Es Valiente by Khavn (2006)

El Superman que no podia volar by Khavn (2005)

El Verdad

Elevator Music by Jonathan Hee (2014)

Elevator Music is an experimental sound-film about a Man who tries to attune himself to the formalities and totalities of a circuitous organization. Like the frequencies of sound that resonate and reverberate from one space to another, the Man begins his journey as the source of his own noise - but quickly becomes entrapped within the vibrations of the World as soon as he realizes the need for necessity precedes his own will.

Elmo by Adrian Rey B. Manapil (2017)

Elmo, a middle-aged farmer, suddenly disappeared from the village. Months after, villagers are haunted by a strange ball of fire appearing randomly which is believed to be the spirit of Elmo. As the people in the village try to drive off the rumoured lost spirit with the guidance of Maria, a famous faith healer in town, the truth behind Elmo’s disappearance slowly emerges. The story is inspired from the Philippine mythology creature “Santelmo” which is the shortened form of the Tagalog words “Apoy ni San Elmo”.

19 minutes - Fiction

Empyreus: Mga Ganhaan Sang Pagtilaw by Dennis Hubag


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