Short Films

Daang Pabalik by Mariah Santuico (2015)

With anxieties and feat of growing up, Maiya goes on a journey to search for her mother. She is then joined by a little girl and together, they find acceptance for the past and courage for the future.


Daddy's Little Girl by Janice Villarosa (2010)

An abused girl grows up and takes revenge on men.

4 minutes


Dagaw by Trent Asuncion (2017)

DagAw is a dance (belief) of Aeta in Zambales where they do it if one of thier family members is sick; form of healing and offering.

5 minutes - Fiction

Dag-um by Chloe Veloso (2014)

Daing Banaag by Maia Vivar, Ma Jerowe Papin (2017)

A story about a young, blind artist and how she sees the world beyond one's vision. The girl paints; her strokes reminiscent of sounds, tastes, feelings, and smells that, to her, seem magical. Despite her relationship with darkness, she has managed to encapsulate herself in a world filled with wonder and awe.

Daisy by Brian Reyes (2015)

Barbara, a wife and a mother, agrees to order the family their very own Proxy Daisy, a robot made for household duties. Even though the family is getting used to Daisy, Barbara still can't shake the fact that there's something wrong with her, is Barbara being paranoid or is Daisy hiding something?

1 / 8

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