Short Films


Babae by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo (2005)

A coming of age story of two women set in the city slum community beside railroad tracks.

Babaylan X by Steff Dereja (2014)

Through History, the babaylan has been arased from our memory. The demystification of the Filipino people has left Her blurred and feared, leaving us with a image of a haunting woman in white n our midst. And in different lifetimes, her spirit awakens to stand and speak for those who have long disappeared. And for this, Julia dela Luna has to exist in this fantasy.

Baboy by Khavn (1997)

Babuyan by Martin Mayuga (2016)

Leah and Nestor are being interrogated by an officer for the mysterious disappearance of their friend named Rudy who works at the slaughter house owned by Leah and where Nestor works. Expose, betrayal, and indecent acts are being shown by the series of questions they are answering. It will bring us to the question, Who and What is the cause of Rudy’s disappearance.

In a time before mobile phones, postmodern Erinyes come to Barangay Babylonia in order to kill a local dictator. A tricky job, one that causes several fatalities in the process. Strange things occur in this far-off land. Roosters and bags of crisps can talk. Good always has lightning bolts on hand, and Evil only needs to intone a couple words to lull anyone within earshot. In order to find the dictator and complete their mission, two women ally themselves along the way with members of the local opposition. The direction combines elements of splatter and trash cinema, as well as the telenovela, to relate one particular take on the current state of society. (Maike Mia Höhne)

20 minutes | * Full Profile *

Bago Ako Lumipad by Darryl Yap (2017)

A poetry of all his wishes in life that will only happen if his one true wish may come true.

10 minutes - Fiction

Bagong Ligo by Aj Triviño (2011)

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