Salamat Maria

By Elmarc Lim - Philippines | 2017 - 12 minutes

Synopsis: Kristian, a 20-year old working college student, fails to make it to an outreach program as part of the National Service Training Program. Upon arrival, an angry team leader scolds him for missing the event. To make up for being late, the team leader asks him to keep an eye on Virgenia, a 64-year old woman. Kristian tries to be friendly but she ignores him. As Kristian hums a familiar church tune, Virgenia suddenly stirs and heads for the church, as if she heard the song coming from it…

Cast: Lemuel Silvestre, Erlinda Villalobos.

Technical Information:

Writer: Elmarc Lim
Creative Producer: -
Director of Photography: -
Editor: -
Production Designer: -
Music: -

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