Nangungupahan (Who rents there now?)

By Gleen Barit – Philippines | 2018 – 12 min.

Synopsis: Nangungupahan follows the different lives of people who occupy a room of an apartment through different points in time.  The room may mean differently to each occupant; and by overlapping these timelines, we gain insight about our shared space and history, as well as the bigger structures outside that affect us.

Cast: Erlinda Villalobos, Pauli Roa, Meann Espinosa, Joseph dela Cruz, JM Jamisola, Aldy Aguirre, Yvanne Cadiz, Voughnne Miguel Sonza, Paul Quiaño, NJ Nuñez, Eduardo Ngo, Snowflake.


Writer: Glenn Barit

Producers: Che Tagyamon, Carlo Manatad

Executive Producer: Rod Barit

Co-Producer: Oktopus Production, Wapak Studios

Editor: Che Tagyamon

Cinematography: Steven Evangelio

Sound: Aly Suico

Musical Score: Glenn Barit

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