By Marvin C. Gabas - Philippines | 2017 - 30 minutes.

Synopsis: There is what some locals from visayan mythology call the MARANHIG, our native version of the undead (zombie). It is an aswang who has failed to transfer their monstrosity causing them to rise from their graves to kill humans by biting their necks. 
The film follows Tomas (an aswang) and Mara (human) between their complex relationship and quest to realize that existence is meaningless without a reverence for life.


Written and Directed: Marvin Gabas
Art Director: Neil tuballes
Assistant Director: Rian Magtaan
Cinematographers: Marvin Gabas, Rian Magtaan, Vince Bustos
Editor: Marvin Gabas

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Awards & Recognitions:

-2017 Gawad Sining Film Festival 2017
Best Short Film
Best Director
Best Production Design
Best Actor: Tonz Are

- 2017 Inding Indie Film Festival
Best Cinematography
Best Production Design


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