Live Cam

By Arjanmar Rebeta - Philippines | 2017 - 3 minutes

Synopsis: Shot entirely thru mobile phone. A series of events being recorded live thru a cellphone. A student is recording a pastor proclaiming the Word of God in a jeepney. Two boys get on and asking for alms then eventually rob the phone of the student. The phone continues to record and witness the succeeding incidents. Happened in the heights of the issue on Extra Judicial Killings (EJK) & Human Rights violations in the Philippines.

Cast: Shenkey Solomon Dollisin, Ezekiel Briones, Manny Francisco, Mark Philip Leonardo, Ghie Medina.

Technical Information:

Writer: Arjanmar Rebeta
Producer: Arjanmar Rebeta
Production Manager: Khaye Medina
Assistant Director: Khaye Medina
Cinematography: Arjanmar Rebeta
Editor: Arjanmar Rebeta
Production Designer: Manny Francisco & Ghie Medina
Production Assistants: Carl Casipi, Kobe Francisco, Hazel Ivy Enmil

Production House: Pelikmata Productions

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Awards & Recognitions:


Watchdog Film Festival (Brisbane, Australia)
- Best Smartphone Film 

Pixelworx Cinemansanas Digital Short Film Competition (Philippines)
- Platinum Award

Alternative Film Festival (Winter Edition) (Ontario, Canada)
- Category Finalist & Nominated for BEST CRIME DRAMA in the Super Short Category

Out of Competition Section
Viddsee Juree Philippines 2017:

- Short Films for a Global Audience

Official Selection
- Super 9 Mobile Film Fest 2017 (Porto, Portugal)
- Dublin Smartphone Film Festival (Dublin, Ireland)
- 3rd Cefalù Film Festival - Pino Scicolone 2018 (Palermo, Italy)
- Szczecin European Film Festival (Szczecin, Poland)


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