Jodilerks Dela Cruz, Employee of the Month

By Carlo Francisco Manatad - Philippines | 2017 – 13 min.

Synopsis: Jodilerks, has been quietly and diligently working as a gas station attendant  for a very long time.  Tonight is her final shift and she has decided to sign off in, quite frankly, outrageous fashion.

Cast: AngeliBayani, Ross Pesigan, OgieTiglao, Grace Naval.


Screenplay: Carlos Francisco Manatad

Cinematography: Lim Teck Siang

Editor: Lee Chatametikool

Sound: Mikko Quizon

Production Design: Whammy Alcazaren

Music: Benjo Ferrer

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Awards & Recognitions:

2018 Cinemalaya

- Official Short Film Competition


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