Isang Bagi (One Night)

By Gio Gonzalves – Philippines | 2017 – 6:58 minutes

Synopsis: The film is about Dan and Mike – both in their mid 20’s – who one night decide to prank Mang Badong, an old and respected Albularyo in their neighbourhood, in order to gain internet popularity and social media likes. Convinced that the old man is nothing but a quack, Dan pretended to be sick and in need of Mang Badong’s medical and herbal expertise. Mang Badong wholeheartedly obliged and perform a tawas ritual, unbeknownst to him that Mike is taking a video of the whole proceedings. Their pretensions soon backfired, with Dan and Mike not expecting an instant retribution.

Cast: Rommel Maglaya, Lloyd Hatulan, Erik Samonte.

Technical Information:

Writer: Gio Gonzalves

Producer: Anna Capistrano, Rommel Maglaya, Jel Lunar

Photography: Charles Delos Santos

Sound: Mike Olan Reyes

Editor: Terence Gonzalves

Production Designer: Ellain Jade Abad

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Awards & Recognitions:


2017 Metro Manila Film Festival

-Short Film in Competiton


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