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Holokaustus has killed all but one untouchable and he's left alone in a hardly habitable planet because of the post-truth wars. When he tried to teleport to other planets using the machine he created, he opened a communication to a fugitive scientist who happened to be the one who preserved him.

13 minutes - *Full Profile*

Agaw Pansin centers on a family relationship where the mother plays favorite to her kids. The good son tries to do everything to please his mother to no avail. The wayward child despite all the problems he has created has gained respect and favors from his mother. As the story progresses, the secret the mother has been keeping for years has been revealed when the mentally-deranged man came into the picture. Here, you will find the reason why the other son has not been given the attention and love he deserves. 

15 minutes - *Full Profile*

AKAY is a story of depressed mother; child who doesn't know his identity and a blind man who sees the truth in in everything. Jenny each  day has been looking for her son whom she lost while shopping in a crowded area. Despite living alone after the the loss of her son, she was still positive that one day, she will find him. During her quest, she was able to make friends with a blind man who despite his situation was a picture of happiness. When their friendship got closer, they found out a painful truth which got them even closer.

20 minutes - *Full Profile*

As two brothers try to understand and cope up with loss and separation, they look at the sky for answers. Could it be aliens? This is a film shot entirely with a drone.

8 minutes - *Full Profile*

Joselito, sets a breakfast meeting with his siblings Amor and Isko, to break the big news. They have found their biological father who had already passed, leaving the children with one piece of land. The siblings fight over the inheritance.

7 minutes - *Full Profile*

A woman fucked by the stakes.

6 minutes - *Full Profile*

"Ang Gugmang Ti-unay ni Daniella" (Daniella's True Love) follows the story of Daniella, a gay individual, and her hilarious misadventures in the search for true love.

11 minutes - *Full Profile*

A man finds his fate in the path of a certain church when a pastor convinced him to join their gathering.

25 minutes - *Full Profile*

Joe is a telewriter for GM8's biggest regional soap opera, Sa Pagtila Ng Ulan. Nearing their series finale, Joe is at odds with the soap opera showrunner, who wants a cliché ending for the show. A battle of external and internal conflicts arises as Joe tries to deal with the pressures of catering to the general audience’s taste and his own creative fulfillment.

19 minutes - *Full Profile*

Unrequited love between a free-spirited woman who openly expresses her affection to a younger shy woman who, in turn, struggles with her own feelings.

19 minutes - *Full Profile*

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