By Romm Burlat - Philippines | 2017 - 14 Minutes

Synopsis: Cuckoo is a story a young man's descent to madness. He has gone cuckoo (crazy) when he was traumatized over the death of his mother right before his face. After the incident, every time he sees a bag, he wants to get ownership of it. His fancy for bags can be traced to the gift his mother gave him when he was younger. He was holding that bag when his mom was gunned down by goons. His daily activities.  His daily relationships with people have been affected because he can't get out of the trauma. The promise he has given to his childhood friend who became his wife was still fulfilled at the end of the story.

Cast: Jay-R Ramos, Daphne Zuniga, Famela Santos, Paoli Martin, Maila Flurrey


Producer: Binatech Productions (Ms. Laarni Zuniga)
Scripwriter: Marvin Gabas
Cinematographer: Jai Esturco
Editor: Nica Concepcion
Story: Romm Burlat

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Awards & Recognitions:


Viddsee Juree - Asian Films for 2018

Selected Short Film


5th Inding Indie Film Festival
People's Choice Excellence Award

16th Mindanao Film Festival
Official Entry

2018 Cine Filipino Film Festival


30th Asia Pacific Awards 2018

Best Actor, Jay-R Ramos

30th Asia Pacific Awards

Best Director, Romm Burlat


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