Cincowentro (Encounter of Five)

By Romm D. Burlat and Marvin Gabas - Philippines | 2017 - 15 Minutes

Synopsis: Cincowentro is a story about five friends who spend time bonding with each other in a resort. Before they were about to leave the location, they had an encounter with people from different time. Find out who they had an encounter with in this unique story of time travel.

Cast: Alecsa Cang, Mika Mijares, Kimber Lee, Ezra Ramirez, Dana Martina, Romm Burlat.

Technical Information:

Story: Romm Burlat
Screenwriter: Marvin Gabas
Producers: Las Madress Hermosas ( Francia Daquel, Gina Manuel, Leny Cang, Meche Jalipa, Jena Abayon, Mylan Estrada
Editor: Marvin Gabas
Cinematographer: Vince Bustos

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Awards & Recognitions:


4th Inding Indie Film Festival
- People's Choice Excellence Awards


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