Black Market

By Gio Gonzalves – Philippines | 2017 – 3:46 minutes

Synopsis: The film Black Market is basically the black market activity as we know it. It’s about a nameless Buyer who approached a stall, entertained by a giddy nameless vendor-pimp, selling Filipina girls as if they are fresh fruits displayed on his fruit stand. But at the end of the one-sided transaction, the Vendor was surprised when the Buyer asked for his price, as if he's one of the girls that are for sale.

Cast: Garret Lewis, Jose Daniel Domingo.

Technical Information:

Writer: Gio Gonzalves

Producer: Anna Capistrano; Jel Lunar

Photography: Charles Delos Santos

Sound: Ish Montana

Editor: Terence Gonzalves

Production Designer: Ellain Jade Abad

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Awards & Recognitions:


2017 Metro Manila Film Festival

-Short Film in Competiton


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