Akay (Support)

By Romm Burlat - Philippines | 2017 - 20 minutes

Synopsis: AKAY is a story of depressed mother; child who doesn't know his identity and a blind man who sees the truth in in everything. Jenny each  day has been looking for her son whom she lost while shopping in a crowded area. Despite living alone after the the loss of her son, she was still positive that one day, she will find him. During her quest, she was able to make friends with a blind man who despite his situation was a picture of happiness. When their friendship got closer, they found out a painful truth which got them even closer.

Cast: Ailla Nolasco, Kimber Lee, Nico Manuel


Producer: ROMMantic Entertainment Productions
Scripwriter: Paolo Magsino
Story: Romm Burlat
Cinematographer: Rolly Magpayo
Editor: Paolo Magsino

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Awards & Recognitions:

5th Inding Indie Film Festival

Best Actress, Ailla Nolasco


30th Asia Pacific Awards
Best New Actor, Kimber Lee

16th Mindanao Film Festival
Official Entry

2018 Asian Films for Viddsee Juree

Selected Short Film


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