Agaw Pansin (Attention Grabbing)

By Romm D. Burlat - Philippines | 2016 - 15 Minutes

SynopsisAgaw Pansin centers on a family relationship where the mother plays favorite to her kids. The good son tries to do everything to please his mother to no avail. The wayward child despite all the problems he has created has gained respect and favors from his mother. As the story progresses, the secret the mother has been keeping for years has been revealed when the mentally-deranged man came into the picture. Here, you will find the reason why the other son has not been given the attention and love he deserves. 

Cast: Luke Gerardino, Johann Mendoza, Romm Burlat, Soki Lana, Sheki Arzaga.


Screenwriter: Aj Cruz, Yani Salvador
Producers: Chit Geradino, Jha Mendoza 
Editor: Aj Cruz
Cinematographer: Aj Cruz

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Awards & Recognitions:

Gawad Sining Film Festival
- Most Outstanding Director: Romm Burlat

4th Inding Indie Film Festival
- Best Screenplay

- 2nd People's Excellence Awards and nominations for 
- Best Supporting Actor: Romm Burlat    
- Best Make-Up: Chit Gerardino

4th Lutas Film Festival
- Best Director
- Grand Jury Award  for Best Cinematography



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