By Edmund M Telmo - Philippines | 2018 - 13 min.

Synopsis: Holokaustus has killed all but one untouchable and he's left alone in a hardly habitable planet because of the post-truth wars. When he tried to teleport to other planets using the machine he created, he opened a communication to a fugitive scientist who happened to be the one who preserved him.

Cast: Reyan Christian Amacna as Adam.
Voice Cast: Reyan Amacna, Edmund Telmo. Hologram: Carl Hudson Mabanag

Technical Information:

Director/DOP: Edmund M Telmo
Asst. DOP: Jun Vincent Abao
Editors: Edmund M Telmo/ Earl Hendrix Reyes
Sound: Edmund Telmo
Music: Reyan Amacna
Producers: Edmund Telmo, Carl Mabanag, Jay Rosas

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